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Allison is my go-to for any photography-related needs… If you’d like an experience that is professional and creative, call Seneca Creek Studios!

"Allison is my go-to for any photography-related needs. She listens and delivers beautiful images that capture exactly what I am after. Her additional services, from printing to design work, make working with Allison easy and straight forward. Thank you for capturing what is most important to me, and giving me the ability to share it with others in my life. A session with Allison, whether at a a destination or in the studio, is not a typical "photography session". Instead, Allison creates an environment where you might not even know you're out having your photos taken, because she makes the experience so laid-back. She lists to me when I have ideas for what I would like captured, and definitely delivers on her promise. Her creativity helps provide some really unique, photo-journalistic, authentic images. If you'd like an experience that is professional and creative, call Seneca Creek Studios!"

- Beth Young-Jones, Executive Director, Foundation at Ivinson Memorial Hospital

A fun and rewarding experience

“I was concernced that I may run out of interesting ‘dance poses’. I’d done some research on dance photography to try to find some interesting ideas, but posing has always felt awkward for me. Allison had the best idea though—put on some music and dance! She was able to photograph me while I was ‘in action’, and the best pictures came from that. It was such a fun and rewarding experience for me. Seeing myself in my element, dancing, reinforces my belief that this is an important part of my life. I hope that my pictures inspire others to do what it is that they love. Allison is such an easy photographer to work with. She understands how important it is to catch those moments of you being you, and she knows how to do that.”

– Karen from Sireli Dance

The photos turned out even better than I imagined!

"A welcoming atmosphere and relaxed photo shoot. Thank you for a great time! The photos turned out even better than I imagined! Thank you for your patience with my schedule and hospitality to my kids!"

- Tara Collier, artist and mother of two boys

Very happy with the results!

“I thought it was a great experience. I love my studio and was happy that Allison photographed me in it. I thought the feeling of the session translated nicely into the photographs. Very happy with the results! Allison is up for an adventure!”

– Rachelle Rose, Clothing Desinger and owner of Rachelle Rose Designs

She made the actual shoot magical

"Allison was professional, welcoming, listened to our teenage son and made him feel comfortable with her and with being photographed. Best of all, she helped him to "own" his senior photo shoot. She made the actual shoot magical. The photos speak volumes. She captured him. The photos are beautiful. But we had to decide on which ones we wanted! Would recommend Seneca Creek to anyone."

- Mark Ritchie

It’s been a very positive experience

“Laramie artist Allison Pluda has an eye for how women are typically viewed and depicted in photographs and challenges those conventions letting each participant have a say in how the photos might appear. I was worried I wouldn’t have the right clothes, etc. but I embraced the situation and was just myself! Hoodies and all. It’s been a very positive experience with Seneca Creek Studios, and all in all an excellent learning/networking opportunity for me as a yogi/runner/blogger who is fairly fresh into her professional career. Allison is extremely professional, yet laid back. She is passionate about her work and has insight and vision that bring the best out of anyone.”

– Jen Banks,

The prints look great on our wall

“Allison is friendly and professional, and doesn’t make you feel like you are on the spot or posing for the camera. She has a great eye for composition and since she captures creative moments, the shoot is fun and the prints are excellent. The prints look great on our wall, and they are such a sweet and intimate capture of our memories.”

– Ruthie

Fun, creative and easy to work with.

"Loved working with Allison on this project. Fun, creative and easy to work with."

– Elise Wunder, musician

Got great reviews about the pictures to everyone who saw them.

"I really enjoyed my experience working with Seneca Creek Studios. I also got great reviews about the pictures to everyone who saw them. I would certainly work with them again. Allison is good at taking pictures that look professionally done, but with an element of bringing out your unique character."

- Dr. Shawn Palmer, Aspen Creek Naturopathic Clinic

The photos all turned out terrific

"We enjoyed our experience with Seneca Creek Studios and Allison. She was great with my son and the photos all turned out terrific. We loved the review experience and would recommend her to all our friends."

- Cheryl Kirkpatrick, proud mother

She caught a very real portrait of who I am.

“[I was worried] that I’d have a bunch of really crappy pictures of me that made me look like a posed idiot. And no, it did not come true. She edited the shoot before I saw it, for one thing, so I didn’t see the really horrid shots. Also, she put me at ease and let me do what I was comfortable doing, so, no surprise that she caught a very real portrait of who I am. And she did some incredibly lovely pet portraits for me that were a super bonus. My mom’s going to love them. I really, really, really love the photos! She caught me laughing and happy and at ease in my surroundings. Allison [is] a very good photographer, very willing to work with any ideas you might have, and a very good source of ideas herself. That she was friendly and no pressure, that she was collaborative and had great equipment that she knows how to use well. That she brought very positive energy to the photo shoot! Allison provides technical expertise, a beautiful eye for setting up a shot, and a super collaborative, friendly demeanor that makes a photo shoot with her pure fun.. whether its for people , bands, or pets. I can attest to all three. Thank you!”

– Birgit Burke, musician and creative


The whole process was enjoyable, and easy. No regrets.

"The print we ordered was on metal and very large. I feared that it would be heavy and possibly hard to hang on the wall. The print was not heavy at all. I had minimal problems hanging the print. I was done with the project in 30 minutes and I suspect it will be hanging in that spot for a very long time with no issues. We ordered a large print on metal so the investment was considerable for our regular ol’ middle class family. We thought long and hard before making this purchase. It was our one major art purchase to accompany the closing on our new home. The process of ordering the print and paying for it online was very easy. We had many options on how to actually receive the print. We chose to pick it up ourselves at the studio. The whole process was enjoyable, and easy. No regrets. We live in Laramie, Wyoming. We love the mountains and outdoors. Of course these photos are spectacular, but the fact that they are taken in Wyoming and many are taken in the places we hike explore as a family make them that much more spectacular and personal to us. The artist is a local artist. Her love of the area and the outdoors is evident in her photographs. And you feel that when you look at her prints."

– The Despain Family from Laramie, Wyoming

Her photographs are spectaular!

“Great experience with Allison. She responded to my order personally and let me know when my order was shipped. It got here within two days. (Not to mention that her photographs are spectaular!)”

– Dana, metal sky print collector from Colorado

Very easy to work with

“You were very easy to work with. I would definitely recommend you to a friend.”

– Don and Rose, metal print collector from Wyoming

Metal prints are so realistic

"Metal prints are so realistic, it's like you can reach out and touch the objects."

– Works of Wyoming, Art Gallery in Laramie, Wyoming

The metal prints actually exceeded my expectations

“The metal prints actually exceeded my expectations. They are beautiful. The colors really pop, more than in an actual photo. Also, they are very lightweight and were extremely easy to bring to my office and mount on the wall. Also, I am not concerned about fading due to sun exposure, which is a real bonus in that it allows for a greater selection of places to hang them.”

– James, metal print collector from Pennsylvania

To anyone who has a connection with nature, I strongly recommend looking into the prints at Seneca Creek Studios

"The only concern I ever had was whether or not a poor college student like myself would have money to comfortably purchase local art, but with a little self-discipline and a lot of burning desire, I saved a little every month and managed to buy every piece from most of the artists I had been longing to hang on my walls. The only fear I had was financial and voila… big deal, I say! I’m so happy. So, so happy. Every time I’ve had the pleasure of viewing Seneca Creek Studio's collection, there was always one print I could never stop staring at, despite how beautiful all the others were. It just resonated with me and now I can look at it whenever I want to feel that connection. I love that there’s no up or down, no right side up. The print I got is taken as though you’re craning your neck to look up through the trees and see the awe-inspiring night sky. It’s a view I’ve known all too well throughout my life. That view holds some of the fondest memories I have with my mother who has passed, as well as being the foundation of my ever-growing friendship with my father. That view is from family reunions, the old cabin I used to sneak into, and from my childhood home. It’s a part of who I am and what I hold dear. I’m so happy there’s an artist who shares that same love who can provide me with evidence that I’m not just fantasizing the beauty of those moments and that view. To anyone who has a connection with nature, I strongly recommend looking into the prints at Seneca Creek Studios. It’s not often that connection is portrayed so well through photography. Allison Pluda clearly has a love for the wild world around her and how lucky are we that she can visually portray what we are all feeling when we take a moment to sit in the great outdoors."

– Charlotte, print collector from Wyoming

Great gift ideas or treat yourself. The prints are lovely

"The mini metals turned out great. The conference manager (who tasked me with finding Wyoming gifts) really liked them. I look forward to seeing how the international visitors like them. I think these will be a real hit with our international folks. The investment was just right. They are sooooo pretty. Great gift ideas or treat yourself. The prints are lovely ....and so Wyoming"

- Jayne, mini metal print collector from Wyoming

I will definitely order a large metal print of the Milky Way to display

"I am very proud to now have your beautiful metal prints ready to display in the 'Blue Room', my own private gallery! I will definitely order a large metal print of the Milky Way to display."

- Lori, metal print collector from Pennsylvania

We will continue to be regular customers

"Beautiful photography!! Allison is an amazing artist and an amazing young woman. We will continue to be regular customers."

- Jessie, print collector from Wyoming

Workshop Testimonials

Do a workshop with Allison! I’ll join you, because I’m really looking forward to another opportunity

"My fear was that I would be way behind everybody else in the class in terms of knowledge about and skill in photography and that I would feel hopelessly stupid... thanks to your ease in both checking in (does everybody know what XYZ is?) and answering questions, I didn't feel stupid at all. And in the field, you took plenty of time to check in, and so despite my lack of knowledge and skill, I got some fun shots and a grounding in how to get better... You're into the scientific aspects of stargazing photography, which is really interesting and (no pun intended) enlightening, and that your patient guidance means that everybody will have fun and come away with photos that they'll enjoy... Go! Do a workshop with Allison! I'll join you, because I'm really looking forward to another opportunity."

- Julie, student from Atlanta, Georgia

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