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Seneca Creek Studios is a full time and full service fine art nature and portrait photography and design studio based in Laramie, Wyoming by owner and artist Allison Pluda. Allison started Seneca Creek Studios in 2007 and brings her experiences to life with her natural, vibrant, genuine, and adventurous style. Click here to contact us for a free consultation and let us know how we can help you. Be sure to click here to join the mailing list and get our newsletter to be the first to know about upcoming events, giveaways, promotions, adventures, and inspiration.

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Photo by Megan Lee Photography

Photo by Megan Lee Photography

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As a seeker of light, stars, and honest moments, allured by Wyoming’s big mountains and dark skies with her guitar, coffee mug, and husky/german shepherd rescue dog in tow, Allison Pluda combines her natural, vibrant, genuine, and adventurous lifestyle with her vision to create memories and prints that last and wants to be able to bring those experiences to you.  Whether you are looking for that perfect print of a vista to calm your nerves and reconnect with the outdoors, want to work together in a custom photo session to create unique professional portraits, or need some updated, fresh, high quality commercial or editorial photography for your business, Allison Pluda at Seneca Creek Studios brings the experience to life with her signature style and durable and unique fine art metal prints. As a professional outdoor fine art, portrait, wedding, and music photographer based out of Laramie, Wyoming, Allison brings the same relentless passion she feels when gazing at the milky way camped in the mountains to every fine art print, photo session, portrait, promo shoot, workshop, live show, licensed stock image, editorial assignment, and art show. She would love to hear from you, so don’t be shy to contact her.


Artist’s Statement

Photography is my way of practicing communicating what I see in those moments where our tangible ever-changing world inspires some feeling — some thought that is significant. A little snippet of the bare truthful beauty we can all feel every day if you just know how to look and comprehend what you see. Photography trains my eye — it teaches me to see the patterns and natural order in the apparent chaos of the universe we live in. These same experiences are what drive my scientific and spiritual curiosity as a geologist and fellow self-aware conscious being.  It is my way to document my own take on this world we all have the pleasure of experiencing. It is a way for me try to preserve a moment so that I can share some part of that experience with you — so you can make it your own, whatever you may learn, feel, or be reminded of from it. For me, photography is an evolving reflection of how the technical left side of my brain works with what the creative right side wants to capture and share. I hope my work communicates something to you, and most of all that while looking at it you can at least take one breath with a quieter mind!



My passions in life stem directly from my intuitive love, need, and respect of the natural world. Aside from photography, I also love geology, chocolate, orcas, solitude, my dog, rock climbing, wine, skiing, Tenkara fly fishing, backpacking, yoga, making music, the mountains and the sea, Eastern philosophies, quantum mechanics, Tool, a good laugh, life, and the great outdoors…. to name a few!

I enjoy traveling and exploring new geographies, each with a unique spirit of community. With every landscape I get to know and photograph, I feel as though I have a constant source of new inspiration and a continuously evolving perspective on life and our connection with the environment around us. The spectacular variety of life and landscapes in the Pacific Northwest, and the mountains, rivers, and plains of Wyoming captivate me the most so far. Currently I am loving live living on the high plains in Laramie, Wyoming and traveling from there.

It is my personal goal to understand and appreciate how the earth works on many different scales. As someone with a bachelors degree in geology from Michigan State and a masters degree in geology from University of Wyoming, I often take a scientific approach to learn about the earth’s systems; however, I also enjoy taking an artistic approach by using photography to explore, express, and appreciate the finer details and powerful feelings that the outdoors invoke. To me, the line between art and science is blurry, and one that often needs to be removed.

I love to find and photograph details in nature that move me in some way and remind me to take a breath and appreciate the world we live in a little more. I will forever be a student exploring all the trails, smells, light, mountains, and aspects of the outdoors. I hope that I can inspire you to do the same. Happy trails!


Publications, Clients, & Partners

Seneca Creek Studios’ owner and artist, Allison Pluda, is a professional fine art, portrait, commercial, and music photographer and has been published in numerous magazines, calendars, books, newspapers and other mediums.  Her work has been displayed in a variety of fine art galleries, private collections, juried art shows, coffee shops, music festivals, silent auctions, hospitals, and solo and group exhibitions, including the Governor’s Capital Art Exhibition.  She has been featured both online and offline through numerous publications and organizations, including Wyoming Wildlife Magazine, Tenkara USA, Wired.com, The Nature Conservancy, The Geological Society of America, the University of Wyoming, and Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine among many others.  She has worked with many local, regional, and national business and musicians as well, including Black Dog Animal Rescue, Macmillan Learning, and Scotiabank, among numerous other clients and partners.  You can see more of her work, book a portrait session, or sign up for a workshop online at SenecaCreekStudios.com or at her studio at 223 E Garfield St, Laramie, Wyoming.

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